Nowadays, medicine and physical therapy don’t seem to be enough for ridding ourselves of diseases. Many people seek the help of alternative medical treatments. Many followers of these alternative treatments believe in the connection of the mind and the body, and how healing energy can be used to rid a person of certain conditions. These are one of the many principles followed by Reiki, a form of complementary and alternative medicine.

Reiki is a Japanese form of healing which uses spiritual energy, or Ki to heal a patient’s organs and make them function properly. In many religions, Ki is the energy or life force that dwells in all persons, and ultimately in all living things. In Chinese practices, Ki is termed as Qi or Chi. According to the Chinese, it is the natural universal energy, which needs to be balanced properly. In Indian customs, Ki is similar to Prana, which is a life-sustaining energy force. Any way you put it, Ki is essential for all forms of life, not only for humans.

I have been receiving Reiki healing from Michael for a few months now. I suffer from chronic pain in my shoulder, neck and back from a diving accident from 14 years ago. Recently, I had a skiing accident where I had torn my cartilage in my knee in three different places. I went to Michael in a lot of pain unable to straighten out my knee or walk on it. I arrived with my crutches. After a Reiki treatment I was able to get up without the use of my crutches, had no pain and walked several times across the living room. I said this is wild, like one of those healers you see on TV. I couldn't believe it! How powerful Reiki is. The following day I was pain free. Not only was my pain gone, but the negativity had been removed from my body from all places not only my knee. I will continue with Reiki because it is so effective and the results immediate.

Vivian M., Teacher/ Artist

Whenever a person is struck with a physical ailment or disease, these belief systems attribute it to the blockage of the flow of Ki. Reiki, as a healing art, uses special methods and techniques to restore the proper flow of Ki around the body. As a result, the person becomes more energized, and in some instances, possibly healed of the condition.

A person undergoing Reiki treatment needs to consult a practitioner. This practitioner should have undergone training for Reiki, wherein he or she should have the proper knowledge on channeling Ki towards others. The practitioner lays down his or her hands on the patient’s body, or the areas which need treatment. In some cases, advanced practitioners keep their hands a few centimeters above the body. As the flow of Ki is restored, the patient is intended to feel better after the treatment.

Many Reiki organizations have been established to spread the teachings and principles of the healing art. Originating from the east, Reiki has become a popular alternative treatment for westerners as well. In fact, many practitioners who have decided to become attuned, or opened to the art of Reiki, give testimonials on how Reiki has changed their lives.

I knew very little about Reiki before Michael gave me two sessions. Since I had no physical ailments, I had no idea how effective it would be in freeing me up of repressed anxieties that were effecting my sleep. What I know now is that Reiki heals on many levels-physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Michael's magic hands keyed right into the emotional baggage I was carrying and pulled it right out of my heart. The greater sense of tranquility and peace I felt was instant. No psychiatrist could work such miracles so fast. So if you feel emotionally troubled and want to feel more calm, I highly recommend Reiki as the super-highway toward tranquility. It will greatly improve your outlook, which will ultimately enhance your quality of life.

Marcy B. Editor /Writer.

Most of these Reiki followers involve their whole family in the treatments. Even when no physical conditions or diseases are encountered, Reiki gives the family members a sense of comfort and rejuvenation at the same time. They claim that they have peace of mind, can sleep better, and feel less stressed as time progresses.

Medical experts who recommend complementary and alternative medicine say that a large percentage of physical conditions are caused by mental or emotional factors. When a person thinks about having a sickness, he or she is most likely to manifest the conditions. Reiki, like many other alternative haling treatments, requires the willingness of the patient for the healing to be successful.

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