Since its beginning, Reiki has been told to have the ability to heal many kinds of diseases, both physical and mental. According to medical doctors and health practitioners, Reiki is also a useful means that can be coupled with current medication or physical therapy. In many instances, the effectiveness of medicines is enhanced when the patient receives Reiki treatment.

Informational resources on Reiki support that Reiki sessions are completely safe and non-invasive. They do not require any surgery or tools to perform. This is why Reiki is welcome to be practiced by all persons, young and old. There are even particular forms of Reiki to specifically meet the needs of pregnant or nursing mothers and even babies.

Pregnant women are very fragile and sensitive to environmental conditions. Most doctors do not recommend for women to undergo massage treatments, and taking in of medications is limited. A pregnant woman is most likely to experience many discomforts throughout her trimesters, such as nausea, muscle pain, back pain, lack of sleep, and exhaustion. These conditions not only take a toll on the woman’s body, but also on her unborn child.

Special Reiki treatments can be given to pregnant women even during the earliest or latest months of her pregnancy. Special hand positions can be done to relieve tension from the back and shoulders. Reiki can be applied to the feet as they are the most strained during pregnancy. In the third trimester, as the belly begins to put on extra weight, hands can be placed at the base of the belly before Reiki can be performed.

Nearing the time of delivery, Reiki can be applied on the woman’s belly and channeled to the baby. Some claim that Reiki energy excites the baby and allows it to move in a preferable and comfortable position within the womb. Some doctors also recommend for women to be given Reiki while she is giving birth. The energy from Reiki can help soothe and relieve the stress caused by delivery.


Nursing mothers can also give their babies Reiki. Touch is a very powerful therapy for infants, as it is proven to increase the birth weight of premature babies. Reiki is often recommended for babies whenever they feel the following: colds, infections, stomach problems, nausea, stress, and behavioral problems.

Reiki practitioners say that the younger the child is, the more receptive he or she is about the universal energy. Results are more likely to be apparent, and no harmful side effects will occur. There are certain indicators that inform a practitioner if energy is being channeled through to the child. Some instances involve the child becoming flushed or extra warm after a Reiki treatment, but this is normal. The child may also become restless or distracted when he or she feels she has received enough of the treatment.

Reiki can improve the overall health conditions of pregnant mothers and their babies. Partners can also strengthen the bonds between each other whenever they practice Reiki on themselves or their children. Truly, Reiki can do more than provide physical healing, but it promotes emotional and mental benefits as well.

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