We live in an era where contemporary medicine improves and gives new breakthroughs by the minute. Technology has advanced and upgraded the quality of life on earth. But even modern medicine is not effective enough to completely cure all diseases on the planet. Physical as well as mental conditions continue to afflict millions of people. For this reason, alternative forms of medicine and treatments were established. One of the most popular complementary forms is Reiki – the universal life energy.

The fundamental principles of Reiki explain that all living things possess the universal life energy. When channeled and harnessed properly, this life energy can sustain a person’s life, keep it healthy, and possibly provide longevity. Reiki self healing require no specialized equipment or medicines. It simply involves the laying of hands of the practitioner administering the treatment onto the recipient or himself / herself. The practitioner then channels energy from the universe to the body of the recipient. When a balance of energy is restored within the recipient, he or she will feel rejuvenated, and in most cases, healed of the ailment.

Reiki self healing is not a religious ritual. As a matter of fact, scientific organizations and even medical professionals recommend it as a complement to clinical treatments. When the universal life energy of a patient with severe conditions is channeled properly, he or she will be more responsive to medicines and therapy. There were studies that have cited Reiki as an effective optimizer for medicine, whether it is for the placebo effect or the real power of the healing energy.


 Become a Reiki Master and Start Healing Yourself & Others With Reiki.

Before one can become a Reiki practitioner, one has to be attuned to the universe energy first. All living things, especially humans, possess this energy, but many are unaware of its existence, let alone the ability to control it. Attunements are done in several sessions, under the supervision of a certified Reiki master. Once a person has received attunements, he or she can use the energy anytime and anywhere. Initiations for Reiki healers last for a life time and even eternity, as many believers say.

How can you gain these Reiki sessions and attunements? The main requirement is to find a Reiki master who will teach you everything you need. Reiki masters can be from persons of all professions and age groups. They all began as ordinary people who attuned themselves and have the potential to maximize the use of the life energy.

Studies and attunements of Reiki usually last for two weeks. But there are some who offers a one day Reiki session where you could learn everything you want as a beginner. Then, it’s up to you whether to continue or not. The primary necessity for Reiki to be successful is for you to be willing enough to accept it.

Reiki is a powerful method to balance and heal your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. It offers beneficial effects for everyone and does not require anything from its recipient. It is completely safe, since it is non-invasive and is recommended by many health professionals.

There are also Reiki home study courses available. The most frequently used is Reiki Master Home Study Course