I have been receiving Reiki healing from Michael Kheyfets for a few months now. I suffer from chronic pain in my shoulder, neck and back from a diving accident from 14 years ago. Recently, I had a skiing accident where I had torn my cartilage in my knee in three different places. I went to Michael in a lot of pain unable to straighten out my knee or walk on it. I arrived with my crutches.

After a Reiki treatment I was able to get up without the use of my crutches, had no pain and walked several times across the living room. I said this is wild, like one of those healers you see on TV. I couldn't believe it! How powerful Reiki is. The following day I was pain free. Not only was my pain gone, but the negativity had been removed from my body from all places not only my knee. I will continue with Reiki because it is so effective and the results immediate.

Vivian M., Teacher/ Artist

I knew very little about Reiki before Michael gave me two sessions. Since I had no physical ailments, I had no idea how effective it would be in freeing me up of repressed anxieties that were effecting my sleep. What I know now is that Reiki heals on many levels-physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Michael's magic hands keyed right into the emotional baggage I was carrying and pulled it right out of my heart. The greater sense of tranquility and peace I felt was instant. No psychiatrist could work such miracles so fast.

So if you feel emotionally troubled and want to feel more calm, I highly recommend Reiki as the super-highway toward tranquility. It will greatly improve your outlook, which will ultimately ehnhance your quality of life.

Marcy B. Editor /Writer